Winterizing Your TAB 320 and 400

It’s the time again—time to get your TAB ready for winter. While your owner’s manual provides instructions on how to winterize your TAB 320 and TAB 400, nuCamp has provided the following details on what to do and how to do it.

NOTE: Draining the water system alone will not provide adequate cold weather protection. If the camper is to be unheated during freezing temperatures, consult your dealer for the best winterizing procedure for your climate. Your dealer can supply you with one of the special non-toxic antifreezes that are safe and approved for use in RV water systems.

TAB 320

NOTE: When winterizing, you will definitely want to bypass the Alde system.

Step 1: Drain all the tanks. NOTE: the freshwater tank drain valve is located underneath the entry door steps.

Step 2: Open the hot and cold water drain valves located underneath the seating area by the Alde System – open one at a time to create a pressure system.

Step 3: Lift the Alde Relief Valve (the yellow valve that flips up and down and is connected to the blue water pipe) and allow the Alde hot water tank to drain. (See image below)


Step 4: Once the unit is completely drained, switch all the valves from Camping Season Mode to Winterization Mode. (See image below.)

Step 5: Once you have all the valves in Winterization Mode/ Bypass Mode, add RV Grade antifreeze. Pour 4 to 5 gallons of antifreeze into the freshwater tank, then turn on the water pump to pump it through the system. If you want to save antifreeze, connect a line directly from the pex side of the water pump and pump antifreeze directly into the lines instead of dumping antifreeze into the freshwater tank.

Step 6: Open every faucet one by one (including the shower faucets) until antifreeze comes out to ensure they are protected from freezing.

Step 7: Pump the toilet to make sure the toilet is protected.

Step 8: Pour antifreeze down the traps/drains. Note: The traps are very susceptible to freezing so this step is very important.

TAB 400

Step 1: Drain the fresh water tank by opening the water tank drain and leaving open.

Step 2: Turn the water pump ON and open all hot and cold-water faucets. When the flow of the water stops, turn the pump OFF. Open the low point drains on the hot and cold-water pipes.

Step 3: Drain the Alde system by opening the Alde pressure relief valve. (This is the yellow valve that flips up and down and is connected to the blue water pipe.) (See image below)

Step 4: Depress the toilet flush pedal or hand-operated lever. Turn OFF all faucets, close the water line drain valves, fresh water tank drain valve, water heater drain and pressure relief valve.

Step 5: Drain the showerhead and hose by disconnecting the hose at the faucet from the inside and outside shower.

Step 6: Drain the waste water system by following the normal procedure for draining the holding tanks.

Step 7: Be sure ALL water from ALL the plumbing has been drained.

Step 8: Turn your Alde bypass valve to the Bypass mode. (This is in the back-driver’s side of the unit where the 3 drain valves are located. This step is very important).

Step 9: Pour 4 to 5 gallons of RV antifreeze into the fresh water tank.

Step 10: Turn your water pump on and open ALL faucets until antifreeze comes out.

Step 11: Pour RV Antifreeze into your kitchen sink trap (.25 gallons), bathroom sink (.25 gallons) and into your shower drain (.50 gallons). Note: The traps are very susceptible to freezing so this step is very important.

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