Cleaning Your Alde

Occasionally your Alde system will need to be sanitized. Alde recommends using a product called Puriclean.

Puriclean cleans and purifies all stored water systems in Boats, Caravans , Motor Homes, Coaches

-Unique dual purpose formula which both cleans and sterilizes in one easy action
-Cleans the complete water system: tank, pipes, pumps, taps
-Eradicates bacteria, viruses, biofilm, algae and fungi
-For maximum results, simply soak and flush
-Powerful action without harming the components in the water system
-Proven in use world-wide for 3 decades

Puriclean is easy to use, it is simply added to the water system and left to soak for 1 to 12 hours then rinsed. Periodic use will ensure a clean healthy system for water storage. The 14 oz. container will clean tanks up to 70 gallons.

When filling the tank, treat the water with Aqua Clean Tabs or Aqua Mega Tabs

Never turn on the Alde when any cleaning solution is in the Alde water tank and to fully flush out the cleaning solution before turning on the Alde.