Dewinterization is the process of cleaning out the lines while keeping the unit in winterization mode. This is to allow the antifreeze to be pumped and cleared before you open the system back up to regular camping season mode so the hot water tank does not get any antifreeze. You do not want antifreeze or cleaner to go into the hot water tank. While the unit is in winterization mode nothing can get into the tank – so it is important to clean and rinse the lines while the unit is in winterization mode.


You can clear the lines by first introducing a bleach to water mixture (1 cup bleach per 2 gallons of water and dump it into your freshwater fill). You will want to run this through all the water fixtures.


After you have done that you will want to run 2 tank fulls of fresh clean water to rinse out the Bleach solution and antifreeze. Again run the water through all the fixtures.


Once you have completed that you can then turn the Valves to camping season mode by following the pictures.

For instructions on using the Nautilus system please see the attached documents. 

Check out these dewinterization videos for further instructions: